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We Only Work with 10+ Years Experience Factories to Offer Sourcing Solutions
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Need Professional Wholesale Party Stuff Suppliers?

We only work with Manufacturers with 10+ years experience in Party supplies.

Tierd of Finding Suppliers on Alibaba?

Everyone is using Alibaba. Finding more suppliers with better prices can give you an edge.

You Need Our 15 Years Experience

We find reliable suppliers on the over saturated B2B marketplace.

Solution in post-pandemic era

It is wise to have an agent in China to stand on your behalf cut down all the headaches. 

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Our Featured Products

Party Popper

Diffenent sizes and effects available. Variety of materials: confetti, streamer, rectangle, foil and powder. Highly customizable for any themed party. OEM & ODM.

Gift Box

Cardboard box, magnetic folding box, wooden box, packaging box big or small with customizable logo, color or design. People need them all year around.


Cutley, mugs and cups, straws…
They are the main elements in a themed party.
You can't be too cafeful to choose them.


Yes, Banners, flags and all the miscellenous stuff.
The more they can find in your store,
the more happier they are,
the nicer the party is.


Actually, there are many different
kinds of ballons. Just like there are many
kinds of parties in the world.

Party Lights

Have a party at night?
Want a starlight party in the house?
People finds out that nice lights
are worthy the money

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Where There’s Party, There is a Need for Party Supplies

I guess that’s where you come in.
  • We provide party supplies wholesale solution and only work with 10+ years experience factories in China. However, that’s not all we can offer. Here are some of the other services we provide:
    • Solving Language Barrier
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Negotiating prices and terms
    • Conducting Quality Inspections
    • Monitoring production in factories
    • Custom Packaging
    • Product Photography
    • Graphic Design
  • Overall, we act as your trusted manufacturer partner in China and cut down on the headaches of working with Chinese wholesale suppliers or sourcing agents, especially when the products you need involve specific requirements.
Reasons that You Can Parterner with Us

Your Interests Are Aligned With Ours.


There will be no language barrier.


Find suppliers fast with ease


Smooth Production Run


Reliable quality check


Smooth communication


Monitoring production run in real time


Investment in the future

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